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Communication Skills Course

This one day communication skills will enable delegates to communicate clearly and with impact, by improving their verbal and non-verbal communication style, as well as enhancing interpersonal skills

The communication skills course provides impactful training for individuals who want to develop their interpersonal skills and build rapport with others in the workplace. This one day course covers effective communication strategies that enhance understanding and improve verbal communication with others.  The training has been designed to be especially effective for those working in roles where they are providing or selling a service to others, as well as people responsible for managing communication across teams and an organisation.

We currently provide this course as an in-house option, giving you the option to have a tailored course delivered at your workplace, at a time that suits you.  To find out how much this might cost simply complete the form at the bottom of this page.



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Course Duration

1 Day

Communication Skills Course Content

This one day course consists of a mixture of presentations and group exercises.

Forms and methods of communication

  • One-way versus two-way communication
  • Different communication methods and their effectiveness
  • Structuring effective conversations
  • Delivering powerful presentations

Communication styles

  • Perceptions and filters
  • Appreciating different communication styles
  • Identifying our own communication style and preference
  • Adjusting to other styles

Non-verbal communication

  • Voice tone and projection
  • First impressions and building rapport
  • Body language
  • Active listening
  • Large and small group exercises, pairs practice with facilitated group review

Who Should Attend?

This one day course is aimed at anyone that wants to improve their communication skills, however it will be especially useful for anyone working in roles where they provide or sell a service or for people who are responsible for managing communication across teams within an organisation.

Course Outcome

By the end of the communication skills course, delegates will have:

  • Recognised different styles of communication and how to improve understanding and build rapport with others.
  • Reflected on different methods of communication and decided when each is most suitable.
  • Appreciated the role of body language and voice tone in effective communication.
  • Communicated their message in an effective and engaging way for the recipient

Whats Included?

We provide all course materials and certificates of attendance for each delegate completing the course.

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