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In-House Training

In-House Training

Find out whether in-house training is right for you and what the cost would be for your business.

Many of our clients ask us whether it would be more beneficial for them to send their delegates onto one of our public courses or for us to send our trainer directly to their site.  The answer is it depends on the circumstance as both options have their benefits.

At WRK Training we always try and give our customers both options and in most cases if the client is looking to train three or more people then in-house training is usually the option that they will go for.  This is because for most people the choice comes down to cost and timing and in-house training definitely gives you more flexibility with dates and almost always a better price when training larger numbers.  These aren’t the only benefits that you will get and we have listed what we feel are five of the most important benefits of in-house training.

Five Major Benefits of In-House Training

Typically in-house training provides better value when compared to the cost of training the same number of people via public courses.  This is because you can take advantage of booking training at a ‘day rate’ rather than paying the ‘per person’ booking cost of a public course.  Also you eliminate the training provider’s venue hire and catering costs meaning they can pass on those discounts to you as the customer.


When booking a public course you are limited to the date that the training provider has scheduled the course.  With in-house training you have much more flexibility and usually get to choose from a wider range of dates for the training to take place.  In fact with enough notice you can typically choose your own date that suits you and your team the best.


Another advantage of in-house training is that you can eliminate the time and cost of having to travel to a public course.  Depending on where the venue of the course you want to attend is you may need to stay in a hotel, pay for evening meals and fork out for train tickets, taxi’s or petrol if you’re driving.  In-house training can eradicate these costs for you.


Our public courses are designed to suit audiences that come from different working backgrounds.  In-house training however allows you to tailor the training to suit your organisations specific needs and objectives.  We can even include your own documents and processes so that you are working against job specific issues that are easier to understand and relate to.


In-house training can be used to improve team morale.  Working alongside your colleagues can mean that delegates are relaxed from the start of the training and feel more confident about being involved in the group exercises and conversations.  This can allow the training to run smoother and in turn makes the course more enjoyable for the learners.


We offer some of the best prices in the industry for in-house training on quality management, environmental and energy and health and safety training subjects.  Find out exactly how much it would cost to have your chosen course held at your offices by completing our in-house training form.