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Four Key Benefits of Root Cause Analysis Training

Training your staff in root cause analysis techniques will have many benefits for your business, especially when this training is combined with a company wide culture of problem solving.

Training your staff in root cause analysis techniques will have many benefits for your business, especially when this training is combined with a company wide culture of problem solving.  Rather then list every benefit of the course we asked a number of our clients for their thoughts and this helped us come up with the four key benefits of Root Cause Analysis training.

Improve Efficiency
The very essence of Root Cause Analysis is to identify the ‘root cause’ of a problem. If your staff aren’t sure how to effectively identify problems/defects and apply the solution that will stop them from happening then you may be unnecessarily wasting time and money.

Real World Problems
We have trained clients from a wide range of industries, looking at real world problems each of those organisations face. This means our trainers can apply their knowledge built from this experience to help you apply root cause analysis methodology to the problems that actually affect your business.

Safer Workplace
By finding the root causes of any safety incidents and problems within your business you can action effective solutions that will prevent them from happening again.

Reduce Spend
Although there might still be times when you will need to arrange for external assistance for complex or sensitive problems, having members of your staff trained in Root Cause Analysis will allow you to conduct most investigations internally bringing down costs significantly in the long term.

Interested in Root Cause Analysis Training?

Now you know the four key benefits of root cause analysis training its time to look at booking a course.  Our one day Root Cause Analysis course has been designed for those who want an understanding of quality tools & techniques used in problem solving. The course explains how root cause analysis fits within your organisation and the benefits that using this quality tool effectively can bring.

Who Should Attend?
The course is aimed at anyone involved within a quality management role where problem solving techniques are required to identify risks and reduce defects.

Typical job titles include project or production engineers, general shop floor managers, shop floor personnel, manufacturing managers, maintenance managers as well as other management representatives.

What’s Covered?
During the course we cover the following;

  • Generating process flow diagrams from the trouble area.
  • BOS chart (KPI), problem solving and pareto analysis
  • Using various tools and techniques with different ways of problems helps
  • Brainstorming root causes onto cause and effect diagram
  • Analysing prime 5 Why’s
  • How Root Cause Analysis can work in your organisation
  • The key requirements of using Root Cause Analysis
  • The Eight Disciplines – 8D
  • Problem helps
  • Quality tools and techniques

Check out our Root Cause Analysis course page for details of public courses by clicking on the button below.

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Bespoke In-House Training

We can also provide a fully bespoke course at your offices, looking at real world problems that affect your organisation and we can provide this at a time that suits you.  For a free, no obligation quote simply click on the button below and scroll to the bottom of the page to use our in-house quote request form.

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