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Your Vote Counts

Election fever has gripped the nation over the last few weeks and with June 8th fast approaching its almost time to cast your vote.

Election fever has gripped the nation over the last few weeks and with June 8th fast approaching its almost time to cast your vote.  The decision you make will help to determine the future for British people for many years to come so it’s not something to take lightly and the old adage – ‘your vote counts’ really does ring true.  But you need to know exactly what it is you are voting for and need to ask yourself what it is about each political party that you like or dislike?  What is it they stand for and what are they promising you in their manifesto? How will voting for them benefit you and the people you care about?

Your vote counts

It’s the same with business.  Every single day you are voting when you make everyday choices like which supermarket to buy your food shopping from, which service provider you buy your TV subscription from or which restaurant to eat out in.  And just like the political parties all of these businesses are actively campaigning to win your vote.  Tesco or Asda? Sky or Virgin? Nandos or Frankie & Benny’s?  Each of these businesses are spending millions on advertising and marketing to persuade you to choose them over their competitor.  It’s no different here at WRK Training, well the spending millions on advertising part is, but the principle is the same.  We have many competitors, each with different offerings, values and objectives so what makes us different and what reasons do we give you that will ensure that voting for WRK to provide your next course is the right decision?

5 Reasons to Vote for WRK Training

  • Our Experience – we have helped over 750 organisations within the UK and across Europe with their training requirements.
  • Lower Prices – we offer lower prices for accredited and non accredited courses than our competitors.
  • More Choice – we offer more courses at more training venues than many of our competitors.
  • Industry Leading Trainers – we have a large network of industry leading trainers located all over the UK.
  • Friendly Service – we are a family run business and treat our customers exactly how we expect to be treated.

All of these reasons explain why the organisations below voted for WRK when they booked training within the last six months.

WRK Training Customers

Your Vote Counts – Our Manifesto

I’m sure you will agree that the above represents a number of good reasons to book training with us but we don’t intend to stop there.  We want to increase the value of becoming a WRK Training customer and give you more reasons to continue coming back to us for all of your future training needs going forward.  This is why we have come up with several promises for you in our WRK Training ‘manifesto’.

  • We will increase the number of courses we offer to over 100 by 2019. (Click here for our full list of current courses)
  • We will continue to keep our prices lower than the industry average.  With prices for our CQI & IRCA accredited courses kept lower than our competitors.
  • We will invest in new technology and introduce a range of e-learning courses for core quality, environmental & health & safety management subjects.

Remember your vote counts so make sure you make the right decision!

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